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Public Speaking + Presentation Coaching

FILL x 7 by Steph Del Rosso _ LATC

"The presentation coaching with Kate helped me so much with my interviews. I got two job offers, one academic and one non-academic, thanks to her help improving my presentation skills!"

-Pavitra Govidan, PhD Economics, Brown University, now tenure track professor at University of Utah

"I worked with Kate to improve the delivery of my job talk for academic interviews. From all the public speaking workshops I attended before, I knew I had distracting vocal patterns, but I didn't know how to fix them...Kate took a hands-on approach where I repeated sections with her until we found the body language and vocalization where my message came though clearly. As a result, I projected more confidence and had a more engaging presence during the actual job talks."

-Jamie Hansen-Lewis, PhD Economics, Brown University

Jen Kim in FILLx7 at the LATC

With over ten years experience in voice work, coaching, teaching and public speaking + training under professional communications consultant Barbara Tannenbaum, I have the ability to make your goals in public speaking, communications, voice and presentation reachable with ease.


My goal with clients is to make the work accessible and repeatable, so after a few sessions you will have the tools and capability to make the work your own.  Clients often site how just one or two sessions can change their entire perspective on their presentations for job interviews,  pitches, work sessions, auditions and more with tremendous, sustainable results. 


From economists to actors, professors to therapists,  I've helped dozens of professionals hone and share their gifts efficiently and effectively. 

This work is crucial for all different types of bodies and personalities navigating complex professional and personal landscapes, therefore compensation is on a sliding scale. Please email me directly via the contact sheet on this site with inquiries and/or for a consultation. 

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