"Director Kate Bergstrom mines all the comic pathos from the script, allowing each woman to reveal her true self slowly, like a sweater unraveling or spring unwinding. She perfectly paces the two-act romance, allowing it to be sweet but never overly sentimental."

- Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News (Enchanted April, July 2018)

"Directed by Kate Bergstrom...the coolest part of this piece's theatricality is the carefully crafted blocking...discussions happen swiftly--and often simultaneously--and feature rotating participants, demanding careful timing and choreography, achieved with grace...There's great chemistry between the characters, and seemingly endless sources of personality conflict, making At The Table sly and witty, with a sustained level of tension."

--Maggie Yates, (At the Table, August 2017)

Martim Galvão, HOTBOX @ Ars Nova 


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